Bespoke Furniture Makers

We are firm believers that the bedroom should be your peaceful haven – a place where you can retire to at the end of a long day. At SDFurniture we understand the importance of creating a bedroom space that evokes a sense of calm and tranquility by ensuring your belongings are organised in your bespoke fitted bedroom furniture.

Our built in wardrobes are designed to maximise space in any size room and can include a combination of hanging rails, shelves, drawers, shoe pull outs as well as other storage solutions to make every inch count. We are able to design bespoke fitted wardrobes to fit into a tight corner, along a wall or even a separate dressing room. Whether you are looking for contemporary or more traditional style fitted wardrobes or dressing room furniture, we will design, manufacture and install to your requirements which you will be able to enjoy for years to come. We work across the areas of London and Surrey to deliver the highest quality bespoke bedroom wardrobes.